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As the world grows smaller and companies expand over international borders, multilingual communication becomes ever more important. Whether you are looking to attract new customers or develop a new market, translated reports, advertising campaigns and user manuals are an essential part of modern business.

At KS-Creations, we believe that translation involves more than retyping a text in another language. Translations need to be well written and presented (even if the original is not) as well as reflect an understanding of the original document. KS-Creations will always aim to provide you with translations that meet these requirements.


  • MA in Technical & Specialised Translations (with Merit)
  • BA (Hons) in European Studies (French & Hispanic Studies)


  • French - English
  • Spanish - English
  • English - French

Specialist Subjects:Specialist Subjects:

  • IT/Computing
  • Medicine/Pharmaceutics
  • Engineering
  • Commercial
  • Politics/Development